Returning to Normal (and Safer)

Recovery takes place after the incident and includes actions take to return to a normal or hopefully safer situation.  Recovery also takes into account Business Continuity Management and Continuity of Operations.  Financial management, emotional management, and  the mere act of getting back in action again can be daunting.  Recovery is directly linked to preparation as the more prepared for an event, the better the ability to get back to a situation normal scenario.  Cloud-based systems, off-site documentation and availability of information to responders and supporting agencies, are all primary factors in successful recovery.  At FutureShield we work with you to look at redundancy, dynamic and relational data, and exercises to help you close the circle and loop back again into preparation.

Cynthia provided Sheridan College’s Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management with expert advice and guidance on IT solutions, and she connected the program with multiple vendors to develop opportunities for our students to experience industry-leading solutions during their studies. Cynthia is an outstanding professional who excels at working with clients and vendors to generate innovative solutions that promote public safety across our local communities. I was extremely impressed by Cynthia’s expertise, along with her dedication and hard work in connecting my program with industry partners for the purpose of promoting student success and community resilience. In conclusion, Cynthia is an expert professional who makes a difference. 

 Gary Galbraith, Chair, Seneca College

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