First Responders

Police, Fire, EMS Ready to Respond

Public Safety tri-services often have a heavy weight to carry both literally and figuratively.  Train as we Fight and Fight as we Train.   On an average day preparation, training, and exercise is key but on that really bad day, it is critical that supporting systems have enabled interoperability and interagency teamwork.

The problem with many boots on the ground exercise programs is high cost and a possible health and safety danger the very people who protect.  Today technology exists similar to multi-player gaming solutions allowing responders to test gaps in protocol and incident command while also simulating the worst dooms-day scenarios.

Private and public sector collaboration is at the forefront. While private organizations prepare documentation that is often kept internally or maybe in a locked box accessible to responders, modern systems allow tri-service access to information that is kept up to date regularly through the use of tracking apps ensuring response is faster, safer, and improves the ability to keep citizens safe.

An emerging area of concern is the dissemination of misinformation due to the public at large having information via social media as soon as responders. The validation of information and an interoperable response to social media storms is now a mandate of most response organizations and tools have been deployed that help make even this daunting task easier.

FutureShield works with government, critical infrastructure, and responder organizations to help integrate technology for security and emergency response supporting the ultimate goal of improved public safety to mitigate risk.

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