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About Preparis Platform

Preparis is an innovative software suite that disrupts traditional business continuity with a simple, integrated, and more modern approach to preparedness and response for private and public sector organizations. We support thousands of organizations to build, exercise and manage more than 10,000 continuity plans, while enabling them to communicate hundreds of millions of emergency notifications to their employees. Preparis is an all-in-one software suite, centralizing business continuity strategy and enabling seamless planning, training, testing, and response for your organization.

  • Plan Customization

Easily tailor your continuity plans to suit your specific needs. Give your team tailored business continuity, continuity of operations, and emergency operations plans for your organization and industry that help reduce losses and streamline recovery with fully customizable plan templates. Say goodbye to complex and static plans – Planner puts you in control of your crisis management plans with simplicity and effectiveness.

  • Testing & Exercising

Get online business continuity training that includes more than 100 threat-specific topics. Effective communication begins before the incident in the form of shared knowledge. Preparis offers ongoing guidance, downloadable content, and threat-specific resources to keep your organization informed and prepared. Our interactive online knowledge center allows for training and certifying crisis teams on vital emergency response protocols.

  • Incident Reporting

Document incidents and put your plan into action. Preparis Incident Manager supports detailed incident documentation in support of regulatory compliance and audit trails. Once an incident report is submitted, stakeholders can quickly set up a real or virtual war room where they can connect with colleagues, distribute specific action lists, and align on next steps.

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