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As students are back in college the importance of integrating real world technology into the classroom cannot be overstated. We are pleased to share that DisasterLAN (DLAN) continues to be integrated into the Bachelor of Public Safety curriculum at Algonquin College. DLAN simplifies emergency response by providing a unified, web-based, mobile-friendly platform for secure communication, multi-agency collaboration, and real-time situational awareness and is the ideal software to help prepare the next generation of emergency managers.

Students will be able to use the system to create full emergency scenarios. They will be able to create ICS/IMS forms, Incident Action Plans, and Situation Reports; collaborate on scenario missions and tasks, and track scenario resources. They will also be able to view scenario information on dashboards and maps. This will help prepare them for real-world events.

“Recent emergency events have demonstrated that having robust technologies to support emergency managers is important, but not enough. It is critical for first response organizations to be able to rapidly deploy and effectively leverage these tools! You cannot learn to manage the technology or software during the event. Our objective is to develop emergency managers and operators with the knowledge and expertise to use these systems from the outset” - Major (Retired) Graham Newbold, PhD, Program Coordination Team Year 3 & 4, Bachelor of Public Safety.

FutureShield and BCG believes it is important to train future emergency managers using the tools they will see in the field. We are proud to support this learning and grateful that BCG donates their software to educational institutions to help prepare the next generation of emergency managers.

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