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About RecoveryPlanner

RecoveryPlanner is an award-winning, recognized industry leader for end-to-end business continuity management (BCM) and resilience software with deep, mature functionality. Meet pertinent BCM regulations, standards, and best practices while implementing a collaborative, enterprise wide BCM program with this scalable software. Used by organizations in all industries and sizes and tailored for BCM, RecoveryPlanner is ideal for organizations looking for a tool to support a comprehensive BCM program that also helps to build resilience in systems and operations. RecoveryPlanner has broad, customizable, and flexible functionality for experienced practitioners yet is simple enough for casual users.

  • Make BIA data collection easier with a customizable tool that will guide stakeholders through the process. Prioritize business processes and understand their dependencies and interdependencies. Establish recovery strategies and controls.
  • Produce, track, and report on risk assessments for availability, IT, and 3rd parties. Use the risk survey samples provided or create your own. Customize and send emails based on who is responding, whether they are personnel or 3rd parties.
  • Perform vendor management by making 3rd party assessments and easily including them in BIAs and plans.
  • Make activation, management, and participation easier with automatic creation of and easy access to actionable plans. Utilize analytics and dashboards for incident status. Review and create corrective actions with automatic audit trails. RecoveryPlanner integrates with Agility Alerts for a best of-breed notification system, all from one location.
  • Align with industry, regulatory, and organizational standards using RecoveryPlanner’s default or customized reports, BCM metrics, analysis, dashboards, and BCM compliance mapping. Choose from hundreds of default reports. Track and report on program updates and business unit compliance to ensure updates are made per key deliverables.


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